Have you always dreamed of a wind in your hair?
You wanted to take a motorcycle exam, but time was never right for you? We have a cute solution for YOU!

We offer rental of tricycles and quad bikes that are driven with B drivers licence category and you do not need a motorcycle exam!

We strive for professional service, comfort and kindness.

Choose a motorbike for your soul and take your better half on a short trip or a longer excursion and experience the charm of

freedom on the road.


We also provide gift certificates so you can surprise your loved ones or friends.

Buy them an unforgettable memories!


We have a total of 5 metal horses in our fleet of vehicles.

You can choose between tricycles or quadricycles:

   - tricycles are Piaggio MP3 (300 cubic power)

   - quadricycles are Qooder 4 (350 cubic power)